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September 21, 2013
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HPA: Fei Li Xi by iwannaamarshmallow HPA: Fei Li Xi by iwannaamarshmallow

Fei Li Xi. Prefers to be called Lizzy Xi since she doesn't like her name much.

Age | D.O.B | Zodiac:
17 | May 30th | Gemini

Height | Weight:
6'1'' | 143 lbs


(Since very young, Fei Li lived on the streets, and the best way to be warm on cold nights was to get into underground clubs. She would get inside without being noticed, and would observe how the people on tage would have rap battles. That woke her interest for rap and hip hop music, and started writing lyrics anf trying to rap them, she soon found out it wasn't so complicared and made very good rap lyrics and got very good at raping.)

Spanish-Chinese-Belgian. (You'll see why in the family section.)

Extra Features:
She has a lot of piercings in her ears and one in her navel. She has a birthmark in her face that looks like a tattoo.


Fei Li is very shy, so she doesn't talk much to people she's not comfortable with, unless necessary, or uless she feels they won't do anything bad to her.
Actually cares a lot for other people and always wants to help them but she's too shy to show it.
She's selfless most of the time but she doesn't like people that try to change her or make her do something she doesn't feel like doing.
She's not confident when it comes to performing in front of people if she can see their faces, that's why it's easier for her to perfom in underground clubs.
She's straightforward and honest, has a lot of patience, and tolerates a lot, but watch out when she's getting angry, she can be VERY scarry, her friends always say that once she goes dark (Dark Lizzy: that's what they call her when she's angry), don't look at her or you'll be scared for the rest of your life. Luckily, she doesn't get angry so easily.
Not easily amused, and doesn't usualy pretend she is amused.
Doesn't sleep much since she uses most of her time raping in her room, but she never did sleep much so she's used to it.

+Lyrics that come fromthe heart
+Mythical Animals
+The sea
+Street art
+Music (Punk-Rock, Heavy Metal, K-pop & Rap)
+Cover Korean songs
+Pulling pranks
+Writing lyrics
+Playing drums, piano and electic bass (not confident about her skills so she never says she can and is a minor thing)
+Underground clubs
+Rap battles
+High places
+Being alone most of the time.
+Having fun with friends.
+Animals in general but her favortes are cats, dogs, wolves and snakes.
+Being sarcastic.

-Having to clean up
-Fast food.
-People whom think too highly of themselves.
-When someone pretends like they know it all.
-Flashy clothes
-Bright colours
-Too girly clothes
-Spiders and bugs.

Fei Li was born in Spain, but her mother died soon after of cancer. Her father took her to China where they lived together with her step-brother and step-mother. Was abused in many ways by her father but it ended when she was 6. Her mother was half Belgian half Spanish. While her father was half Spanish half Chinese. Her father was kidnaped and killed when Fei Li was 6. Once she hear the news, she decided to run away from home, she didn't want to remember what her father did to her, nor she wanted to bother her step-mother.
She moved to Belgium to meet her family from her mothers side, then soon after to USA, then a couple of years later to Canada then a year later to South Korea, then to Japan after a few years. She learned English, Korean, Japanese and French while she stayed at those countries, and since she speaked Spanish, Mandarin and Cantonese from before, it wasn't so complicated to learn the other languages.
She grow up on the street and had learnt to fight for herself and take care of herself on her own.

In USA she made a lot of friends that had a tough past as well. Then they moved together everywhere. Some of them learnd to play instruments and they would teach Fei Li how to play them.
They danced, sang together and rapped together, to earn money and to make time pass fast by.

Additional Info:
-Despite calling herself ''Lizzy'', her friends tend to shorten the name to Liz.
-Fei Li really likes to cook, she could cook and bake all day long if she didn't wanted to let all her lyrics ideas go.
-She never wears make-up and if there is the VERY rare case she does, she would wear a bit of eyeliner to make her eyes more visible.
-Her her is dyed purple but sometimes she changes the hair color to dark blue.
-She knows nothing about love and gets really awkward about such...
-Eventhought her parents died, she never mentions them, nor the famili she has in Belgium, China and Spain. She always says that her friends are her family.
-She's much stronger than she looks due to many years of fighting in the streets.
-Despite her moving from country to country so much, she has always gone to shcool. She didn't have trouble with her studies because of good memory from learning so many lyrics.

RP Sample:
"Lizzy!!!" I could hear Ruki, one of my friends, looking for me, he probably has looked everywhere in the house for me but he forgot about the rooftop, an now he's growing impatient.
"Rooftop!" I screamed back to him. I was reading peacefully until he started screaming, sometimes I simply read to have some inspiration for my lyrics, and I usualy rap the text I'm reading to practice.
"Ah, there you are! I have mail for you" He said while looking at me knowingly.
"Thank you" I said smiling at him. As I took the envelope I couldn't stop smiling knowing what was inside.

Script Style:
R: //Lizzy!!!//
L: //She could hear her friend screaming.//Rooftop!//She screamed back while reading a book.//
R: //Ah, there you are! I have mail for you.//He looked at her knowingly//.
L: //Thank you.//She took the envrlope and couldn't stop smiling knowing what was inside.//

Roleplay: I usually roleplay in real life so it's new for me to be roleplaying online.
Time: I have school from Monday to Friday but that doesn't mean I cant get online. On Saturdays I'm mostly free. On Sundays I have a workshop to atend to but before the workshop and after it I can get online.
More info: I'm used to writing fanfictions so I'm more used to writing literature-ish style. I don't care if there's a plot or not, I think it's nice to work with and without plot.
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